About Alena Makhalovski Tattoo Artist

My name is Alena, I’m doing tattoos for about 4 years, during that time my work became my life, which I love.

From childhood pictures on the skin fascinated me and I thought they are something special, innermost. I think so now. I like to capture the emotions and feelings of the people, transfer them to the skin forever.

Tattoos can tell a lot about a person, about his preferences, character, about his past, dreams and profession. Tattoos are like a map of the soul. Therefore, it is important that the tattoo should to be individual, not a copy. I work with black inks in dotwork and linework styles. Mostly I love to draw organic symbols: plants, animals, insects, mushrooms. To show it textures and their nature. I travel a lot, spend time in nature that inspires me.